Wish You Were Here

Well, this is the most emotional blog I’ve ever written. My eldest son died unexpectedly in his sleep nine days ago. I’m trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. Tragic, this event leaves me nonplussed from time to time. My eulogy for my dad dealt with sports fandom, well, my son was a huge sports fan too. What can I say about my boy? He loved to play sports, he was a good athlete-powerful. He and his friend managed a sports bar and restaurant, for 80 hours a week he got to talk sports with the customers. He loved it! He learned how to work hard–managing a restaurant is extremely tough. I guess right now it is important to mention he was a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Go Giants! Win one for Jack!

Soap Box time

I’m not watching the local NFL team tonight. Am I crazy? Yeah, maybe. After a week of stories about domestic scraps,abuse, switches and photos, as well as video of some of it. No, I have not looked at the damage Adrian Peterson wreaked on his son of four. But, here is where I am a hypocrite: I did watch the Casino’s video of Janay and Ray Rice. But for today at least I feel like my cartoon hero Popeye. That’s all I can stands….I can’t stands no more. I’ve reached overload. Here is my take: the average citizen cannot relate to rich people with high-powered lawyers cleaning up their messes. We lowly serfs receive consequences that are far tougher than the rich athlete receives because we can’t afford those high-powered lawyers. I am against violence, I wish people behaved better. Of course, I wish I was a better human being. BUT  THE NFL HAS AN IMAGE PROBLEM.  Some of these people need help, real help. Not fixers who help them out of a real jam.

Why I Am A Sports Fan

I can watch two college football teams play that I don’t like. That makes me a sports fan. The reason I am a sports fan is because my Dad was a sports fan.As you well know the word fan is the shortening of the word fanatic. Well Bill Fitch was the quintessential fan. Our family just had to attend church at eight am. I always looked forward to Sunday breakfast after church.Mass and bacon were important to the perfect sports fan experience. My father pioneered the whole NFL and breakfast thing. Those of you in the Sunday morning breakfast and NFL business and simple doff of the cap will do. As you can tell sports has forever linked us. As you can also tell Bill Fitch was my father. As with most journeys there were bumps in the road, but I could always count on Sunday being full of religion and TV. Sports monopolized our Sundays, it was on the television till dinner. In the Seventies that was a full day of sports,watching.For a kid like me, seven hours of football programming was a dream come true. That dream never ended for Dad. He watched playoff baseball and NFL football till his last days.

Subject: Haikus and disappointment Giants Season

Well the Giants season is ending. A season that started with high expectations, the whole World Series euphoria. For me, the 2013 season can be expressed in two vague words:  underperformance and injury. I wish had a whole bunch of haikus but one will have to do.

Giants 2013 season:

High hopes, injury, off years

All combined to disappoint

Wait till next year fans

Giants Baseball Haikus

Pennant Haiku

The home team did rise

Evil rival foolish and rich

Who will prevail now

Inspired by the LA/Bos trade

NLDS Haiku

Ancient club with lore

Met the home team full of heart

Fate smiled on the Bay

Before Game 1 World Series

Jungle cats are next

The home team will find magic

Zen will lead the way

After Winning the World Series

The nation watched a team

Overlooked underrated

Triumph as one

Sunshine, Baseball, and Hope

February marks the start of spring training for Major League Baseball. My beloved Giants are preparing for the grind of another season. For the last twelve years I’ve been able to watch or listen to a majority of their games. There is something about the rhythm of a baseball game that I find relaxing especially during spring training.  Knowing that the Arizona sun heats the ballpark to warm but comfortable temperatures brings a smile to my face. The anticipation of another season, the hope of another playoff run, shapes my mood.So, thank you baseball for a shot of optimism.