The Stages of Grief or what can be learned from The Sopranos

I knew as far back as sixteen what job I wanted. I wanted to be a coach. A coach could hold an early practice and watch the sun rise. Some coaches travel for their meets. There are not that many adults who want to work with kids. Cool. What an opinion. It is true. Most adults prefer to work around adults. Athletes(or champions of themselves ) remember that attitude matters. Who wants to train around someone who makes them comfortable? Team matters look at the #SFGiants. Not exactly an All-Star team, right? But they can win the World Series? Attitude makes a big difference in athletic performance.

The Field

Four years ago, the School across the street revamped a cow pasture into a soccer field. It is used for school games, Adult League, and at times it becomes an informal neighborhood park. What has interested me about these activities is the informal soccer practices that happen nearly everyday. When the weather is nice, these sessions include some of my former students. These kids hang out, flirt with girls, and play soccer. Something for the the love of sport. No one requires these kids to show up, they show up because they love the game. It is not organized or publicized but it is a positive in these kids lives. Most come from various apartment complexes near the school. Not the greatest places in town. I hope these kids turn out to be great people, they are off to a great start.

Dear Jack

Dear Jack

The Giants did it. They won the World Series! It was unexpected, they got hot at the right time. Madison Bumgarner’s post season will be in the Baseball History books. A new hero every day, plus the Panda was brilliant. Parade down Market Street again. It never gets old. I am sorry you are not here to share the Championship with me. I missed you every single playoff game, I even started a twitter hashtag. The acronym was #WOFJ. Win one for Jack. Damn it son ,I miss you every day.



Bochy: How Many Misjudged You

I’m guessing you’ve seen The Godfather. If you haven’t, Sonny Corleone is scolded by his father Vito for “letting anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking.” Well Bruce Bochy never lets anyone outside the Giant family know what he’s thinking. He plays it close to the vest. Every manager wants to get the most out of a player, but what sets “Boch” apart is the ability to get that maximum performance. Overlooked is the need for some level of relaxation even during a sport. I’m not there –but it looks like there is a relaxed atmosphere in the dugout, club house, and who knows even maybe the charter plane.

Bruce Bochy: The King of Laid Back

Well Mr. Bochy, your secret is out. Right now you are the toast of the town. You have outmaneuvered each opposing manager. Bay Area sophisticates determined you were dull not sharp. How wrong they were. You simply create an atmosphere were success is easier to attain. Sorry Tim Kawakami, I’m borrowing your analysis, but in a world of flashy coaches Bochy is not. He is a modest man who is genius when it comes to managing in the playoffs. Go Giants,  I’d like you to win one for Jack. One last round.

Wish You Were Here

Well, this is the most emotional blog I’ve ever written. My eldest son died unexpectedly in his sleep nine days ago. I’m trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. Tragic, this event leaves me nonplussed from time to time. My eulogy for my dad dealt with sports fandom, well, my son was a huge sports fan too. What can I say about my boy? He loved to play sports, he was a good athlete-powerful. He and his friend managed a sports bar and restaurant, for 80 hours a week he got to talk sports with the customers. He loved it! He learned how to work hard–managing a restaurant is extremely tough. I guess right now it is important to mention he was a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Go Giants! Win one for Jack!

Soap Box time

I’m not watching the local NFL team tonight. Am I crazy? Yeah, maybe. After a week of stories about domestic scraps,abuse, switches and photos, as well as video of some of it. No, I have not looked at the damage Adrian Peterson wreaked on his son of four. But, here is where I am a hypocrite: I did watch the Casino’s video of Janay and Ray Rice. But for today at least I feel like my cartoon hero Popeye. That’s all I can stands….I can’t stands no more. I’ve reached overload. Here is my take: the average citizen cannot relate to rich people with high-powered lawyers cleaning up their messes. We lowly serfs receive consequences that are far tougher than the rich athlete receives because we can’t afford those high-powered lawyers. I am against violence, I wish people behaved better. Of course, I wish I was a better human being. BUT  THE NFL HAS AN IMAGE PROBLEM.  Some of these people need help, real help. Not fixers who help them out of a real jam.