Hello son, it’s Dad.

Dear Jack,

opening day for the Giants is tomorrow. I wish we could  watch it together. I hope they have enough pitching to win the Series again. The baseball Park–AT&T  misses you too. Remember the park luxury  box? What an experience. Real stadium seats on the balcony. I’ll never forget that day with you and the rest of your siblings.



‘Twas the Game Before Christmas

Dear NFL, while curled up watching football I still wonder why the over expansion ? Monday made sense for NFL football fans. Save one good game for the start of the work week. But other than Thanksgiving why Thursday? Did your research into demographics send you down this road? Call me the cranky old man, but don’t cheapen a dangerous game-concussions. One ugly fact you seem timid to address. Men who choose to be gladiators should have some measure of safety.

Runaway Train

The Warriors play tonight, with their win streak on the line. They are a runaway train!

Interest, excitement, hype all surround the game. I wish the season would end quick. The NBA   PLAYOFFS will grab my attention . But for today my kids swim meet will trump the Warriors game. But come Spring the Dubs will be a priority.  Merry Christmas Jack. It is still a good time to be a sports fan in NorCal.Miss you, son.

This and That

Well it has been nearly a year since my son Jack died. The experience changed me, I still think about him often. His smile, his sense of humor, and his way with people. I try to focus on the good times we had together. The ballgames were treat, Jack loved sports. I know I’m biased but he was a great kid. He had a lot of friends and was always on the go. Life has a way of reminding you this is all temporary. Even the kind souls leave us, sooner or later. I just wish it had been later. I still miss you, Jack.


It’s never Easy

I’m watching the NBA Finals and wondering if it will be as easy as Warriors fans think. Best record in the NBA, League MVP, strong bench. While the scribes and the pundits believe LeBron James is the biggest obstacle in the way, he is not. Execution and focus are the biggest obstacles. Steph Curry will not play that badly again in this series. But will Klay Thompson play that well again? I hope so, this is a fun team to watch and I’m not a die hard Warrior fan. Will Draymond be Draymond? Or Iggy contribute like he did in game one? We’ll find out. I selfishly want a more pretty game to watch Tuesday. But is LeBron’s will stronger than the Dubs? Possibly.