Why I Am A Sports Fan

I can watch two college football teams play that I don’t like. That makes me a sports fan. The reason I am a sports fan is because my Dad was a sports fan.As you well know the word fan is the shortening of the word fanatic. Well Bill Fitch was the quintessential fan. Our family just had to attend church at eight am. I always looked forward to Sunday breakfast after church.Mass and bacon were important to the perfect sports fan experience. My father pioneered the whole NFL and breakfast thing. Those of you in the Sunday morning breakfast and NFL business and simple doff of the cap will do. As you can tell sports has forever linked us. As you can also tell Bill Fitch was my father. As with most journeys there were bumps in the road, but I could always count on Sunday being full of religion and TV. Sports monopolized our Sundays, it was on the television till dinner. In the Seventies that was a full day of sports,watching.For a kid like me, seven hours of football programming was a dream come true. That dream never ended for Dad. He watched playoff baseball and NFL football till his last days.


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