Soap Box time

I’m not watching the local NFL team tonight. Am I crazy? Yeah, maybe. After a week of stories about domestic scraps,abuse, switches and photos, as well as video of some of it. No, I have not looked at the damage Adrian Peterson wreaked on his son of four. But, here is where I am a hypocrite: I did watch the Casino’s video of Janay and Ray Rice. But for today at least I feel like my cartoon hero Popeye. That’s all I can stands….I can’t stands no more. I’ve reached overload. Here is my take: the average citizen cannot relate to rich people with high-powered lawyers cleaning up their messes. We lowly serfs receive consequences that are far tougher than the rich athlete receives because we can’t afford those high-powered lawyers. I am against violence, I wish people behaved better. Of course, I wish I was a better human being. BUT  THE NFL HAS AN IMAGE PROBLEM.  Some of these people need help, real help. Not fixers who help them out of a real jam.


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